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Interviewee     : Excuse me, Sir. May I come in?          
Interviewer      : Yes. Please, come in and have a seat.
Interviewee     : Thank you, Sir.
Interviewer     : So, your name is Me Lie, right?
Interviewee     : Yes, that is right, Sir.  
Interviewer     : Very well, my name is John. I am the head of the human resource department of this company.
Interviewee     : Nice to meet you, Sir.           
Interviewer     : How are you this morning, Me Lie?
Interviewee     : I’m perfectly fine, Sir. Thank you, and how about you?          
Interviewer     : I’m fine too. Thank you. So, do you know what we are going to do, Me Lie?
Interviewee   : Yes, Sir. I was emailed and called by phone in order to have a job interview session from this company three days ago. So, now here I’m going to be having an interview job session with you.         
Interviewer     : Very well. Can you tell me about your self, Me Lie?
Interviewee    : My name is Me Lie Lim. I’m 22 years old. I graduated from one of State Universities in Jakarta. I took management as my major. I love travelling and singing. Travelling and singing both improve my health mentally and physically.        
Interviewer     : You applied to be our Junior Manager. Do you have any experience of this job?
Interviewee     : No, Sir. I am a fresh graduate. This is my first time to apply a full time job.      
Interviewer      : What makes you decide to apply for Junior Manager position?
Interviewee   : I think Junior Manager is an appropriate job position for me. I find it attractive and interesting as well. Due to the management major I took, I’m sure that my skills and talents will be conducive to this company’s success. I can also see a bright future of my career by joining this company.         
Interviewer      : Very well. So, what is your strength and weakness point?
Interviewee    : My strength is my cheerfulness, my carefulness, my strong will to learn new things, and my skill to work under pressures and as a team. My weakness is my phobia of dark.  
Interviewer     : Well, it was a great time to have a little talk with you, Me Lie. We will announce the result of your interview in a week. Thank you for coming here.
Interviewee     : Yes. Thank you, Sir.   

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