Jumat, 20 Juni 2014


My Daily Activities

Hello guys my name is Khoiriah, friends used to call me Riah. I'm currently working and going to college. I studied at Gunadarma university, and this time I was half 8 which insha allah means little longer pass, amin.

The following story of my daily activities

Every day I woke up at 5.30am for shubuh prayers. then I shower and get ready to go to work. after spending my breakfast, around 7 in the morning I go to work. every day I ride the bike to the office, trip take a time of approximately 30 minutes. 

I currently work at PT. Papajaya Agung, the Company engaged in the business of cutting steel. The company is positioning me as an accounting and finance staff. every day from Monday to Friday, I work from 8am to 5pm. after completing my work, I'm getting out of the office for the next go to college. trip from my office to the campus took about 1 hour.

Classes begin at about 6:30 pm after maghrib prayer, and ended at about 9:00 pm. after the class ended, I took time to talk with my college friends. talk about the task, plans to hang out, and etc. after talking with campus friends, I went home, and arrived at 10pm. then I cleaned myself and dinner.

After dinner I also made ​​time to talk with my family. telling stories, sharing and joking with my family making less tiredness. it feels very happy to talk with my family. satisfied after talking with my family, finally around 11 pm I enjoyed the comfortable bed and sleep soundly.

That's the story of my daily activities, so tired but very interesting live. I hope you also have an interesting and happy life as I live it. keep the spirit and always grateful !

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